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Ch.1 Journal #5

Posted on: February 17, 2009

When Ponyboy speaks about his tight-knit neighborhood, it reminds someone of the comment the rapper, Ice Cube, made about the South Central L.A. neighborhood where he grew up.  He said movies depict living there as a grim existence, but there were a lot of good times in the neighborhood. How would you rate your neighborhood?


28 Responses to "Ch.1 Journal #5"

I think my neiborhoods ranking is a 9 out of 10 because there is almost no cars and no litter, but I have train tracks next to my house and it wakes me up almost every night.

I would rate my neighborhood, a 9 out of 10 because there have been fights in our neighborhood, there is difficulties between neighbors, and there was a murder on my street. Also, there is also a park in my neighborhood but there is graffiti and glass all over the basketball court and slides.

My neighborhood would probably be an seven out of ten, according to me. There is a new “family” that moved in on my street and about a week after they moved in, the boyfriend was arrested right in front of my house. Also, we have a park too which is also covered in graffiti, plus there is glass all over and trash everywhere. All through my neighborhood, down the grass next to the sidewalk, there is dog poop just left there. Finally, it’s nice because at least we HAVE a playground and most of the people on my street are nice.

I would rate my neighborhood as a nine out of ten because my neighborhood is very quiet and has friendly neighbors. There is little trash,but sometimes at holidays, like New Years, people shoot off guns and fireworks for a good 10 minutes.

I would rate my neighbor hood a 4 out of 10, because there was a lot of murders in my neighborhood, and there was a lot of crimes committed, but the good thing about my neighborhood is that there are nice people and there is not a lot of trash on the roads and there is a lot of convenient and well-located stores around.

I would rate my neighborhood 8 out of 10 because it’s nice and clean but some of our neighbors aren’t as nce as we would like them to be. Last week there was a young couple who was cursing in the middle of the strreet and throwing clothing out of the windows. Also across the street there is a park for kids but adults are always there smoking and drinkng.

I would rate my neighborhood 9 out of 10 because it’s nice and clean but some of our neighbors aren’t as nice as we would like them to be. Last week there was a young couple who was cursing in the middle of the strreet and throwing clothing out of the windows. Also across the street there is a park for kids but adults are always there smoking and drinkng.

My neighborhood is mostly good but i know their was fights their but then again every neighborhood is not the best.

My neighborhood is 5 out of 10 because i live near Heritages and it is getting robbed almost every week. And there are bikes getting stolen every week 5 of my bikes were stolen in 2 years and it keeps happening.

A 4 out of 10 because a bunch of nerds live there and i dont like them but the houses are nice so i like that about it.

My nieghborhood is bad. On my street we had three drug houses and in one of them someone got stabbed and killed.

i think my neighbor would probably be 8 out of 10 because some of them are nice and some of them arent as much. But they keep everything very clean.

My neighborhood is boring, i live in a small little neighborhood where everyone knows everyone and their are a few bad kids, annoying ones, and some that i hvae known since i was little so i have to give it a thumbs up.

My house isnt in a neighborhood its a dead end streetand its weird but i have a jet shi and i ride it all of the time but property taxes stink because i have such a big yard and i ride my dirt bike all of the time! 🙂

I don’t know how I would rate my neighborhood. I honestly hate my neighborhood because some of the people are VERY nosy also theres not that much kids in my neighborhood that I can hang out with because they are younger, or older and theres only one person in my neighborhood thats in our grade.

I love my neighborhood! There are so many people that I go to school at that lives there so I am never lonely or bored. We go to the playground and play jailbreak, cops and robbers, and other things. I would never want to move away from my “5 star neighborhood.”

I would say that my neighborhood is pretty bad, because of all the violence and illegal stuff that goes on.

I would rate my neighborhood a 9 because their are barealy any cars and its quiet.

Hmmmm, Well if i had to rate my neighborhood honestly i would say it’s a great neighborhood. I moved here in west deptford from a really bad neighborhood that there were drunk people that walked around, people who steal kids that lived around the block from me and it was really bad. But then my mom met this guy and he is the most greartfull man. He bought us a house and we live with him, We have nice people around us that if we ever haev a probolem we can always count on them. Thats how i would rate my neighborhood.

My neighborhood is very different. You have your jouvenial delinquents and you have you perfect family with the dad as a cop. There are special kids and there are mean kids. There are football players and there are smart kids. We have single parents and same gender parents. Every neighborhood is different with different people

My neighborhood is mostly good but there are some fights. There is a lot of trash on the ground and some graffiti. But other than that it’s fine.

My neighborhood is different then a lot. You have bad people that rob heritages literally like every night and then you have the good people. My neighborhood is clean and has nice people mostly. There are lots of people around because my house is on one of the main roads. I would rate my house 8 out of 10.

If I would rate my naighborhood, I would rate it nine out of ten. There are not many fights in my naighborhood, if not any. Everyone just hangs out with who ever they like.

How I rank my neighborhood is a 7 out of 10. In my neighborhood mostly everyone is nice.But there are some who can sometimes get in a lot of trouble but that’s only occasionally.

my nieghborhood is alot calmer than most neighborhoods. It is of a road and not alot of people drive through. with my dad being a cop i feel better because i am pretected and i have someone there if something bad happens. not alot of older kids live here. its just my age kids so nothing bad happens

I would rate my neighborhood a 8 out of 10, we live near tracks and that’s kind of a hazard, and there is some feuds in ours, but overall it’s nice.

I would rate to my neighborhood that it is a 5. I had just moved there this past December and it’s all new to me. I use to live there when i was in 1st grade but i don’t really remember much about it. The kid’s there are all in elementary and this one house from down the road ALWAYS has cops at their front door. So my mom doesn’t really let me and my brother out after a certain time and all the kid’s come out at night. Which really bites some what!!!

My neighborhood is ok. Its not the best but its not the worst. Its were i was born and most of my friends live nere me. Though there is alot of car breakins lately.

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