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Ch. 1 Journal #6

Posted on: February 17, 2009

Ponyboy says, “If it hadn’t been for the gang, Johnny would never have known what love and affection are.” Although you hear it said a great deal, I find it difficult to believe that a gang provides a person with what he or she might not get at home. What is your opinion?


29 Responses to "Ch. 1 Journal #6"

I belive that a gang helps you struggles through your tough times and it is always there for you no matter what. A gang is like a brother to you; you can tell it everything.

I think that a gang is not like a mob, where everyone hates each other. You have to trust your gang members to help you out. When you do that, you build trust and become friends with your gang.

I agree with you because when you trust your gang a lot then you can rely on them to give you love and affection when you need it.

I think if Johnny did not have the gang, his life would stink. His dad beats him and his mom ignores him so if he does not have the gang, who will love him?

My opinion is that love and affection is good without it you wouldn’t be the same without it. If you don’t have it you could be depressed all you life, but with it you would be happy.

My opinion is that love and affection can be found at home. You just have to go deep inside your family and find it.

Johnny’s dad beat him with 2×4’s. I wouldn’t be able o find love in that. Could anyone else?

i think if johny hadn’t find his friends he wouldn’t even be alive after that accidents with the socs. also because his parents aren’t that nice to him so at least he has some people that are actually nice to him and treat him good.

I think that a gang helps you becuase if you are in a fight you have other people to back you up. If Johnny didnt have the gang he would have lost alot of fights and could of got hurt.

My opinion is that love and affection can be found pretty much anywhere. Even if its from a friend or a Family member. 😉

I agree with ZMRDUDEC. Love can always be foudn at home, even when it seems impossible. If things are rough at home, you just have to try a little harder. I also believe the love and affection can be found in a gang. People make gangs with their friends, or people they are close with. Since you are usually with your gang, or close friends, alot, then you will always feel love with them.

I think if you are not getting love at home and you are being mistreated then any love is fine.if your gang loves you but no one else dose than accept their love.

I think love and affection isnt just found in a gang you can experince it will other people

I think that a gang can give you affection and love. If you are very close to that person then I dont see why you cant love that person. Just because they are not family doesn mean they cant give you love and affection. A gang is a group of people that are very close and ALWAYS stick together, unlike a pack. When you stick together with someone no matter what, you come to realize that they are somewhat family. And if you have a strong relationship like the greasers, again, i dont see why you cant recive love and affection from that person/group. If you do not recive love and affection from someone at home then gang can most certainly give it to you. If you come from a broken house or a household, like in Johnny’s case, where their parents are acoholics and drug addicts, then a group of friends can support you with the love and affection a person needs.

My opinion is that you need love and affection in your life. I think that the gang is good for Johnny because they help him through the rough times at home. He has to deal with his dad beating him and not getting along. So it is true if he didnt have his gang he wouldnt know what those things are.

I think that there is a big difference between things like a gang and a mob. A Gang is like a brotherhood for friends were you can trust everyone in it because they are there to back you up like you are there to back them up when they need it. So they teach you things such as love and affection.

Love and affection to me can be shown from anybody. Even if you are not family, you can still love someone no matter what.

My opinion is that a gang really can give you love and affection because they are always there for you no matter what. Johnny gets beat at home so the gang are the only people who give him love, like a big family of alot of brothers. So yes, i do think this is true.

Well I think that this gang shows eachother affection. They care about eachother and protect eachother. And in the begining of the book it said that gangs are like brotherhood for people even if they aren’t really brothers.

I do think this gang is affectionate. They are always there for eachother and they always protect eachother. The gang was always there for Johnny when he got beat and they were there everytime he wanted to run away. And in the beggining of the book it said that gang members were like brothers.

I believe there is not a difference because your gang becomes just like your brothers, which is family. They do share love because they are always there for each other just like family.

I think he can get as much love from his gang the what his parents are supposed to give him. Love can not just be gotten from your family. Every person has enough room for anyones love. Everybody might not give Johnny the love he needs, but enough people do.

I think a gang can give the same love that your parents give. They are just like you and you can talk to them about anything, it’s not like they can punish you for saying something wrong. A gang to me would be more understanding to me.

My opinion is yes. Yes you can find love and affection in a gang. I thinks so because a gang is a group of people or friends that are always at your side sticking up for you. They help you and give you the love and attention you need. At home your family might not always be there for you or treat you right. But, a gang is always there for you. So you can find love and affection in a gang.

My opinion is that the gang did teach Johnny about love and caring about someone, or something. If it wasn’t for the gang Johnny wouldn’t have anything.

I think if they do respect you, help you get through tough times, and enlighten you through experiences, that’s all he needs

A gang is like brothers and very close friends and Ponyboy helps Johnny and if Ponyboy wasnt there he would be mean and not as nice.

My opinion is I think a gang can very much provide Johnny with love and affection he doesn’t get at home. Gang members are with eachother every single day and develop love and feelings to eachother as friends. With this love, the gang can love Johnny like his parents don’t do in his own home.

I beleive that pony is happy with his home and family of greasers because they have eachother and that should be enough

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