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Ch. 1 Journal #4

Posted on: February 17, 2009

Ponyboy states, “I could have gotten one of the gang to come along, one of the four boys that Darry, Soda, and I have grown up with and consider family.”  Explain how having close friends can feel like “family” and relate your explanation to your own experiences.


31 Responses to "Ch. 1 Journal #4"

Having close friends are almost as important to me as my family. I think the reason is because they’re closer to my age and experience the same hardships. Of course, my family would say that they understand how I feel, think, or do, but sometimes they lack the full meaning of what you’re trying to say. My close friends are someone that I can trust and I know that they will stick up for me whenever I feel down. Sometimes they know exactly what I’m talking about and can make a joke that brightens up my day. I consider them as “family”.

I agree with “xpikapikax” that close friends can be consider family to people. Close friends can be like family in many ways. Also consider the gang Ponyboy is in a gang that is definitely filled with very close friendships. Especially with Johnny because his parents don’t even notice him half the time , but the gang do and treat him very fair and some with love!! But, although people think gangs are filled with bad relationships they can be filled with brotherly or sisterly relationships. I would also consider close friends family too!

Close friends that are like family is actually important. If your family can’t be somewhere a close friend could take the place of them and comfort you. You see one time I was really scared on a camping trip, but a close friend I had told me that nothing was out there and I was probably hearing things. In the morning it was true and only my family would have been able to comfort me. So sometimes close friends can do stuff to help when your family can’t be there.

Having close friends is makes people like family because you are so close. But not all family is close, some are separated, departed. Adoption is one of those things that make people whom you live with be like genetic family that is only because you were with them from the beginning, especially when you are a baby because you don’t know any better.
Also when you have a best friend, that you hang out with all the time, when ever possible, where ever you are, you become like bother or sister! It’s wonderful, just like saying (this is a saying for girls) “God made us best friends because he knew our parents couldn’t handle us being sisters!”

Maybe if you don’t have anyone but your friends then they could seem more like family than friends. Or even if you do have someone then it still could be like family if you are always with them.

Having close friends is a good thing. You know you can trust them. Its fun having close friends. They wont say anything mean abo0ut you or anything.

i think close friends are the same as family, because they are the friends you tell everything to. Some people might not have any parents like ponyboy his parents died in a car accidents but he still has the rest of the gang that are like his brothers to him just like darry and sodapop.

I like having close friends but sometimes they can all of a sudden call u and say i don’t want to be friends and then u go blank and go off but mostly my friends are family!:)

Close friends that you know like the back of your hand are definately family to me. Even my sisters best friend is my family. She has been there for me and with me threw most things in my life. I have known her since forever. She will do anything for me, and i will do anything for her. I get her and she gets me. Whenever i have family functions she is always welcome to come and the whole family knows her. I get what Ponyboy means when he says the gang is his family.

Havign close friends makes me feel good because if i ever have a problem or something is wrong i can always go to them. I accept my close friends as if they were my brother or sisters.

Having close friends is like a big family because I am with them all the time. It can feel like my friends live with me because we are together so often. We fight sometimes like a family would, but they do favors like a family wouuld. You can trust them with your secrets, and cheer you up.

Close friends can feel like family because you might have done everything that close friend(s) and have been there for each other. Also might have gone through everything together .

Close friends makes me feel good because i can always go to them if i have a problem or if i just need to express my feelings. Close friends makes me feel like they are apart of my family.

Having a close friend is great because then it shows how close you guys really are. Yes some familys aren’t close but when you have a best friend that you hang out with almost everyday, i dont know i guess it just makes you feel like they are family to you. And from personal experience, i have called my best friend a sister. But only because she treats me like one and we’ve known eachother are whole lives. 😉

well they can feel like family cause there very close and you have a good relationship with them

Well, “family” friends are friends who are so close to you feel as if you and them could be sisters or brothers. They know everything about you, from head to toe, everywhere. I don’t want to say who mine are, but I know that all of my friends make me feel as if I’m family.

Having close friends can feel like family because you can trust your family, and you can trust your close friends. Also you can tell them anything like you can tell anything to your parents.

Having close friends feels like family to me. My friends know how to cheer me up. I could tell everything to them and they would know exactly what to say. My family would tell me that they know how I feel but they don’t know what to say to make me feel better.

Having close friends is just like having a part of extended family. When you grow up with someone and share experiences with them they are like family. My one friend is like a part of my family because we are always over one of our houses hanging out doing something.

Having good friends feels like family because you are very close and you can trust them.They feel like family because your always around them. Also they are more our age and can relate to things you are talking about. Also you can tell your close friends everything.

Friends can feel like family because they are always there for you and they treat you good.You can tell your best friends anything because you trust them just like you trust your family.My best friend treats me like her sister.We do everything together.

Having close friends can feel like family because you can trust them and depend on them like family. You also fight with them just like sisters and brothers. They live with each other and hang out with each other. So they must really feel close.

Having close friends can feel like family because you can go to them with any questions or problems that you are having and they are always there for you when something goes bad. Then you can always have fun, you can goof around and tell jokes.Just like you can do with your family.

Having close friends can feel like family because you are always with eachother. Close friends also know mostly if not all everything about eachother. Sometimes close friends give people support that family members dont and they may help you make the right choice in something if your having trouble.Also, both family and close friends trust eachother.

When you have close friends you can trust them because they are some what like family. If they are very close then i dont see why you can’t think of them as family. Some of my close friends i know I so think of as family. Yoy should be able to tell them anything and thats how you grow that bond.

Having friends that are like family, are the friends that you’ve hung out with for a long time. They could be the same age as you and could’ve gone to the same school, or live right next to each other. I have a friend that I’ve known sence first grade. We hang out all the time, and live in the neighborhood right next to mine.

Close friends can feel like family because you love your family and friends no matter what. Even if you get in fights with close friends, you’ll always love them at the end of the day just like family.

Having close friends may feel like family because they are always there for you and you can feel very comfort around them. I don’t know about you but i have one crazy family and mainly all my friends feel as if they are one of my family members. i can tell them everything. They have my back and I have theirs.

Yes. My bestfriend is like a brother to me and me and him do everything together. We always joke around and have fun together

Most of my close friends are family because i am around them alot and they act and do the same things as me. All of my friends think that i am family because i am around them alot.

To me haveing friends like that is family because you love them just as much as your own family. My friend is like a sisster to me because she is with me through thick and thin picked me up when i was down. To me she is my sisster.

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