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Chapter One Journal #1

Posted on: February 9, 2009

Ponyboy likes to go to the movies alone because he can really get into the movie when they aren’t other people talking and fooling around. Have you ever felt angry when people talk during a movie? What do you do?


51 Responses to "Chapter One Journal #1"

I feel angry when people talk during a movie because I usually get into a movie and I enjoy movies. If someone talks during a movie in the movie theatre I would throw popcorn at them.

I don’t really care if people talk during a movie because I’m one of those people who talks during movies, too. During the movies I talk and laugh alot but not loud enough to bother the whole movie. I’ve never been yelled out except for this one time where I was sitting in the back of the movies talking, and this lady flipped out on us. It was funny.

It doesn’t really bother me when people talk during movies. The only time when it DOES bother me is when they are being extremely loud and obnoxious. I do talk during movies, but only quietly to whoever I’m there with. I don’t scream so the whole theater can hear. if someone is bothering me, I just complain quietly to whoever I am there with.

When people talk during movies it bothers me a lot, but no one talks as much as my sister does during movies. She asks questions you can’t even answer. For example, last weekend we rented Wall-E. I had never seen the movie before. She asked me things like, “Does he ever talk?” or “Is the cockroach in the movie the whole time?” That is when talking during a movie really gets on my nerves.

I have never usually been to a movie where there were any people at all because if I see a good movie, I wait for it to be out for a few months and there is no one there. If someone was talking, I’d try to ignore them.

It gets me mad, because I sometimes don’t get the movie at one point. Then when people talk it kind of ruins it. What I do, if it’s my sister i tell her to bequiet. But if it’s somebody I don’t know I would tell them to keep it down.

Yes, I have felt angry when people were talking during a movie. But my eyes were glued to the screen so I ignored the people talking loudly behind me. Although I didn’t say anything, I still wanted to turn around and yell “BE QUIET!” or “SHUT UP!” to them. [=

1. Yes, I have experienced an annoying person talking during a movie. I hate it and I tell them to stop. First I would wait for them to see if they are going to stop. After at least ten minutes if the talking does not stop I will confront them. First I will ask politely. Next I will tell them to stop or I will tell someone that works there. If they continue to talk non-stop I will get a person that works there and I will tell them. People like this really annoy me while I am trying to watch a movie. If they don’t want to watch the movie then I think they should just leave.

When people are talking during a movie it does annoy me sometimes. I will be really into a movie and all my friends will be goofing off and all kind of stuff like that. But other times it does not and I just zone out, into the movie. It depends on which type action, scary, funny, etc. All I do is try to ignore them and when I can’t, I just plain yell at them. Sometimes they take it a little hard when I don’t mean to offend them.

Whenever people talk during movies I get really angry because it interrupts the whole thing. I usually shush them out or, if they’re in front of me and really bothering me, I’ll kick their seats.

I REALLY hate it when people talk during movies.

Yes this has definatly been a problem befor. People talking during a movie doesnt really bother me because I am one of those people that talk during movies but there are things that do bother me.I hate when people are kicking on the back of the chair that you are sitting in or when people lay there feet up on top of the chair when they are sitting right infront of you and most of the movie is just a huge foot infront of your face. Another thing I hate in a movie theater is when some extremely tall person decides they feel like sitting infront of you and you spend the movie looking at the back of the persons head. I ussually am too shy to say anything to them but the whole movie im tring to persuade myself just to go up to them and yell at them to either move or stop.

Yeah, ofcourse I get angry when people talk during the movie. I mean, C’mon, didnt you see the two minute long “Silence is Golden” preview before the movie? It’s usually the highschoolers that are talking but it doesn’t alway bother me. To fix my little problem, once I started lightly tapping their chair to draw their attention to something else. But I am not going to yell at the or people, because that’s just mean too. Besides, I sit in the front half the time anyway.

Yes, I have absolutely have gotten angry at the movies when people are talking. I usually turn around and give them dirty looks, or if it’s not that bad I just say “Be quiet,” in my head.

Yes, constantly. But it is even worse when people laugh during a part that isn’t funny. All I do is complain and try to ignore it.

It bothers me a little bit when people talk during movies but not that much. If I really want to see the movie then it bothers me more but other than that not really.

I have felt angry when people talk during a movie because they have no respect. What I do in return is ignore them.

the only time i would get angry is if i am really gettting into the movie and the movie is really good but i knoe how ponyboy feels because if i was him and he likess all those moviess then i wouldd gett madd and angry if all those people were talking when he was trying to watach the movie

No. When i go to the movies I talk and mess around to so i can’t get angry. Sometimes if im actually watching the movie then yeah.

No when i go to the movies i talk and throw stuff at the screen. when other people talk i dont even cair.

When people talk during the movies, i think that it is really annoying because they ruin the movie! Once i went to see “Over the hedge” and one man talked the whole time about things that just happened. It made me in a really bad mood.

If someone is talking during the movie it will make me angry but I wouldn’t do anything about it.

When I go to a movie and people are talking I really don’t get mad as long as they aren’t screaming. If they were getting on my nerves I would move somewhere else.

I don’t usually get mad when people talk during a movie. If they whisper i don’t getmad because i talk during a movie myself but I whisper. But if they are loud during a movie I ask if they could please be quiet.

If the movie is interesting i get annoyed when people talk. If we came to watch a movie then watch the movie! If the movie is not interesting and we came to have fun then by all means neccesary have fun. Also, be polite to the people around you, they may have come to watch the movie and not hear other kids fooling around.

If people are whispering and are far away from me, then I guess I’m fine with it. If they’re screaming, or talking on the phone, then that’s what sets me off. I can;t stand it when people just jabber away at eachother or on the phone, and I’m one to talk! When I go to the movies with my one friend, all she does is text on her phone. I ask her to stop but she puts it on vibrate and I can still hear it when it buzzes. Not to mention that when I try to tell people to be quiet, they usually turn out to be adults. So I have to get my dad in on it and they finally quiet down because they either fear him or something else like that.

yea i guess i would throw some soda in there face i guess

Yes there has been a problem with people talking in the movies a lot of people that go to the movies to see a movie have already seen it then they get bord an dstart talking about the movie and whats going to happen next. It ruins the whole movie and i dont like it. Another thing i dont like when people put there feet near your head. Another thing i hate whhen people throw stuff at you some of them get kicked out but not all of them and they sit there throwing stuff at you and never get caught.

It doesn’t really bother me if someone talks during a movie. It only gets me mad when they are really loud. I usually just ignore someone when they are talking. But if they are really loud I would tell them to stop.

During a movie, I don’t get angry when people talk but I can get really annoyed. I don’t like when people next to me ruin the ending and explain every part of the movie. To make them stop talking I usually tune them out or just tell them to be quiet.

When somebody talks during a movie, it reall agarivates me! Sometimes I will see a movie that is already confusing to begin with, so I don’t need somebody talking the whole time. I also hate it when people ask me questions such as, “What’s that?”, “Who’s that?”, “What’s going to happen?”. I don’t understand why people ask those kinds of questions during a movie because if we are seeing the movie in theatres, chances are I haven’t seen it before. If it is my first time seeing the movie then of course I’m not going to know what happens next! People should just keep their mouth shut during a movie.

I have felt angry when people talk during a movie. I think its rude, because, other people are trying to listen. Usually when people are talking I tell them to be quiet, then I get mad.

Yes, I have been at the movies with people talking and jumping up and down. Little kids screamed and I heard many cellphones ringing. All I did was get up, walk out, got a employee,and came back and he yelled and sent out all of those people.

I’ve never gone to the movies. But when I’m watching a movie at home, my Dad will come in and start to make noise to try to be funny. So I just push him out of my way.

I get really mad if people talk during movies because it ruins the movie for everyone and you can’t hear. I paid to come to this movie and have a good time. Not to be bothered by other people talking during the movie. If they do talk a lot I ask them to be quiet but if they don’t I move to another seat around the room.

Yes I have gotten angry when people talk and fool around in the movies because you are supposed to go there and watch a movie not talk the whole time. Some of the things I have done was throw things like candy at the people or tell them to shut up.

When people talk during a movie I don’t get mad or upset. I mostly just get up and move my seat. Most of the time I’m the one who is talking. If I am talking and you are in the same theater as me I’m sorry.

I’ve never been at the movies but when I’m watching a movie at home, my Dad will come in and make some noise. So then I just push him out of my way.

Yes i have gotton angry when people talk during a movie because they give the movie away. I have tryed to ignore them but i cant.

Yes I always get angry when people talk during a movie.If they ask me questions about what is going on i just tell them to pay attention. But what I do after it starts getting really annoying I just switch my seats and go sit on my own if i have too.

I have gone to the movies and atleast each time i go one person is screaming at the top of there lungs. I try to ask them the kindest way possible. If they dont respond to what i say i usually just walk out of the movies and leave cause i cant even watch a movie in peace.

I have felt angry when people talk or fool around during a movie because then it is harder for everyone to understand the movie because there is too much of a distraction.

I have gotten very angry when my friends are talking while I am watching a movie. When I watch a good movie get really into it and never really hear my friends talking, but I once got kicked in the back while I was in the ovie theatre and it got really annoying. I quickly told my friend to stop it, but he never did!

It annoy’s me but I wouldn’t say anything.

I get really mad when people talk during movies or when they text. It gets annoying because you see the light from the phone and when they talk they are not quiet about it so they distract you from the movie.

I get really mad when people talk during movies or when they text. It gets annoying because you see the light from the phone and when they talk they are not quiet about it so they distract you from the movie. Usually i throw stuff if they are too far away or I will tell them to shut up if they are close.

Yes, I have gotten angry when people are talking around me during a movie. I try to concentrate on the movie, and know what is happening, and if someone is sitting by you, running their mouth, you can’t hear. I have told them to be quiet, and if that doesn’t work, then I move farther away from them, so I can hear them less.

Yes, I have gotten angry during a movie. When you’re in a movie you should watch it and when it’s over then you should talk about it. Once when I was at the movies the people behind me were talking and kicking my chair so I turned around and politely asked them if they could stop. But they didn’t and my friend yelled at them.

Definitely! I went to the movies with a group of friends and they would not stop talking! Even after i told them to please be quiet they wouldn’t shut their mouths! So i walked out, got myself some popcorn (: then came back and sat far away from them. I actually enjoy watching a movie!!! Just like Ponyboy.

I get really mad when someone tries to talk to someone during the movie. LIKE HELLO TRYING TO WATCH A MOVIE HERE can’t you just be quiet. I lose track of the plot because of all the gossiping done by the people around you.

No because I’m usually a talker but I don’t talk too loud during the movie and i don’t do it constintally

I hate when people talk during a movie. Especially when it is a good movie. People like that shouldn’t go if all they do is talk. you can do that at home. Whenpeople talk during movies I try to ignore them and enjoy the move.

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