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Ch. 1 Journal #2

Posted on: February 9, 2009

Do you know anyone like Ponyboy who is diffferent from the other people in a group because he or she likes to read? Does he or she downplay any interest in reading when with the group?


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Yes I do and it’s me. This is because not many or any of my friends really read books but I read some books in at least 3 days. So it is kind of like I have no one to talk to about books I have read. But I think it is FUN to read because to me the words,descriptions,chapters, the whole book is like a movie in my head. But once you think about it a book is a DVD and the chapters are a scene selection and the author is a director!! I hope anybody can discover the joy of reading!!!!!

I Love to Read!
Reading + One Reader = FUN

Yes, it is my brother. I only think he is different from everyone else because he gets all A’s on his report through out his life and because he likes to read too.

Yes, it’s my friend. She loves to read and she gets all A’s. I guess thats just her opinoin not mine.

There is one person like Ponyboy. She is from the book and her name is Cherry. You see Cherry has the same interests as Ponyboy and tells him that Soc’s and Greaser’s have something in common; they each have a certain reputations to keep.

No I dont know anyone who is in a group that likes to read.

No. I don’t know anyone like Ponyboy.

yes i do think tht and i agree with starwars246 because he is like cherry sorda, well also another person they love to read but no names.:)

I know a girl who likes to read, and somes people make fun of her because she likes to read alot. When were in school and we have to read it is nothing to her because it is easy to her.

I do know someone that it similar to Ponyboy. The person that i know has the innitials of G.C because she talkes about diffenrent things that my perticular group of friends talk about.

With my friends there isn’t anyone like Ponyboy, but my sister which is my friend is a lot like Ponyboy. She reads for fun sometimes, and likes to get read to at night which is annoying. My sister is a lot like Ponyboy.

Yes, its my friend he gets good grades and he likes to read.

I do know someone who likes to read. She would read almost every day and finish at least two books in one day. I don’t care if she reads it doesn’t bother me. Everyone likes different things and I don’t need to worry about what they like to do.

I know a person who loves to read. She does’t talk about reading with her friends and she doesn’t read around her friends. When she is reading she gets into the book and when she is reading with a group she doesn’t get into the book as much. She gets all A’s and nothing but all A’s. She is really smart and most people call her a nerd but she’s not.

Yes I do know someone who is like Ponyboy and is different from the group because she likes to read.She does not downplay any interest in reading when with the group.

A person who is different in a group because she likes to read is my mom. In my family it’s my mom, dad, and I. My dad and I don’t really enjoy reading but my mom always has her face in her book. She could read for hours at night and just keep reading. Most of the time she doesn’t read around us because we always call her a book reader but sometimes when she’s at a good part of a book she will not put down the book.

I would rate my nighborhood 9 out of 10, because my neighborhood is clean,fun,and safe.

There is not anyone like that in my group of friends. Everyone is mostly the same, and no one likes to read.

I’m a reader but as long as its a book that has violence in it like “The Outsiders”.

I know a person who loves to read, each day she reads for at least 2 hours each day. Her whole life it based off of reading books. She has read the Outsiders and thought it was a terrific book.

I know a person that loves to read, she talks about it sometimes too. She doesn’t really downplay anytihng though she just says what book she read.

Yes, it’s one of my good friends. She reads a lot and gets good grades. But when she is with a group she acts like she doesn’t like to read. Then will not read the book as well because she cares to much about what others think.

Yes, one of my friends in my group loves to read. Most of my other friends dont like to read but we respect him and dont nag him about it.

Yes, my friend loves to read and noone else in our “group” doesnt like to read but we respect him and dont nag him about it. idhope if i did something diffrent from my friend that i would get respected to

I know a person that is different in my group of familiy and that is my brother he always likes to read and go places that we dont like to go to like a library.

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